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Protect Us From the Dangers of Fracking

The House of Representatives just passed a bill that would block the federal government from enforcing important fracking safeguards and delay an EPA study that would provide families with important information on how fracking is affecting their drinking water. And now Senator Orrin Hatch has introduced a corresponding bill in the Senate.

We can stop this bill in the Senate, but only if your senators hear from you now. Send a message now urging your senators to reject this bill and protect us from the dangers of fracking.

Letter to
U.S. Senate
I'm writing today to ask you to oppose Senator Orrin Hatch's version of the recently passed House bill H.R. 2728, which would block federal safeguards against hydraulic fracturing on public lands.

Given the risks of chemical spills and water contamination that can result from fracking, our federal government should be enforcing stronger safety and environmental standards for companies that want to use this method for oil and gas extraction. The last thing we should do is eliminate the standards that we have already established.

If this bill becomes law, our federal lands, habitats, waters, and recreation areas -- and the many economic benefits and jobs they provide -- would be put at greater risk by fracking than they already are. Meanwhile, communities nationwide will continue to be kept in the dark about the risks fracking poses to essential drinking water resources.

The health of our communities, future of our lands, and survival of our wildlife depends on what you do today. So please say NO to rolling back fracking safeguards and reject this bill now.

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