Equality In Custody Of Children. Total Equality For Both Parents, Make It Fair To Parent.

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Equality has always been important and much needed for everyone, in all things. With equality being talked about now and faught for more than ever. Let us not forget parenting. Being an equal in parenting is just as important. Children need both parents to have an equal part in their lives. Both parents should be able to provide the best they can equally. Not one parent should hold or have the greater power. No one should struggle being a parent caring or trying to care for their child. All too many times the father is left to struggle and fight for the right just to see his child/children. It should not be a crime to be a father/parent. With laws hanging over the heads of a father. Waiting to punish him, to unfairly strip him of rights and luxuries. All because he is behind on or cannot afford astronomical set child support amounts. That are not capable of being paid by the majority. Struggling while loving and missing his child.

Child support enforcement is just shy of over 4 decades old. A system that has caused more harm than good. A system that has failed for the majority who are forced to pay it. With unrealistic amounts that are set. Amounts that are not set on a realistic living wage. Rules that are not fair, a law that leaves one side struggling. Rules that also include paying the state a certain amount that is forced upon the individual, to process payments. Amounts taken that have no benefit in regard to the child/children. With penalties and interest that are forced upon individuals that will hinder them more, than getting them out of the enormous debt they cannot afford to get out of. Debt that looms, debt that causes a ripple effect in a negative way. Debt that does not benefit anyone. Debt that is out of the bounds of reason. Debt that leads to suspended licenses, warrants, jail time and criminal records. How can any of these penalties and barriers benefit anyone who is trying or has tried. They cause more harm than good, job loss, home loss, public humiliation and the list goes on.

Fathers care and love their child/children just as much as their mothers. Things need to change, times have changed. More and more people want equality. Equal pay, equal rights, fairness across the board. Why stop there, keep it going. Let's make equality a part of parenting also. Children should be able to spend equal time with both parents. Not allowing one parent to defame the others character. This can and has happened in many cases, because of no equality. Time should be shared equally. Make the children first, they need both parents. They should see both parents happy. A child should not have to wish to see their father/parent. Only to be told no by their mother. Who should not have the right to do so. Penalties should be in place for the parent who denies visitation That equal the penalties of the party who is being denied. The party who is made to be criminal because of unrealistic expectations cannot be met.

One side should not be able to control the situation, with what seems as an automatic backing by the courts. A child should not be used as a pawn to make one parent look, non caring or criminal. These issues need to be addressed and it should not be a crime to be a father. Fathers should not have to fight out the rest of their lives to love, see and be in their child/children's lives. Along with other family memebers on the losing side, who miss out on being in the child/childrens lives. There is a lot at stake here. No one making these laws has thought about this. If they did, things would not be this harsh. More times than none, fathers are automatically dealt a bad hand from the start, when courts get involved in the parenting of their child/children. Everyone wants equality, so do fathers. Equality across the board, make a change.