Make it illegal to kill hibernating bears in Alaska

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Hunters in Alaska can now track and kill hibernating bears thanks to a U.S. House and Senate resolution rolling back Obama-era regulations against the practice which was passed over a year ago.

President Donald Trump signed the bill into law on Monday, April 3rd, which rolled back Alaska’s ban on killing the vulnerable bears, along with wolf cubs in dens. It also allows for hunters to target the animals from helicopters.

The Republican-sponsored legislation impacts 76.8 million acres of federally protected national preserves across Alaska. 

Something needs to be done about disturbing these animals while they hibernate. They are causing no harm to anyone during these times and have no need to be hunted, ever. 

Please sign to go against the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate and make it illegal to hunt bears during their season of hibernation. Thank you.