Make it illegal for cops to have sex with detainees

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Laws in 34* states allow cops to claim consent as a defense when charged with raping a person in their custody. This allows for legal rape.

A prisoner or detainee cannot consent to sex. Because cops are in positions of power, people in their custody cannot consent. Cops can use coercion with no repercussions. People in police custody know that not going along with a cop's wishes could have serious consequences for them. There is also the fact that cops are able to get out of facing charges as they are more likely to be believed by judges and courts than individuals being held in custody.

An analysis of a Buffalo News database found that 26 out of at least 158 law enforcement officers charged with sexual assault, sexual battery, or unlawful sexual contact were able to be acquitted or had charges dropped against them by claiming consent. Another Buffalo News analysis found that an officer is accused of sexual misconduct every five days. Another study discovered that 40 percent of young women in New York City reported being sexually harassed by police officers.

Some states have introduced bills to make the consent defense illegal, but this issue requires nationwide action. Sign this petition if you believe that the U.S. Government, along with the Department of Justice, should act to make it illegal for police officers and prison workers to have sex with those in their custody. 

*New York has changed its laws since this graphic was made. Contact your representatives to urge more states to follow suit!