College Students & Adult Dependents Should Receive the Full $1,200 Stimulus Check

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*UPDATED ON July 27, 2020.*

The HEALS Act was just unveiled today. Dependents of any age will receive the additional $500 (including college adult dependents).  But there’s a catch. Those who claimed the dependents receive that additional $500 NOT the actual dependent. 

Please read for more details.

Meaning, you still get nothing as an adult dependent and it’s up to your parents (or whoever claimed you) to decide if they want to give that additional $500 to you. TAX-PAYING ADULT DEPENDENTS ARE DESERVING OF THE FULL $1,200. 

There are many college students who are claimed by their parents while in school, yet still fully support themselves; many who work full time and make ends-meet off of their own wages. Not only is there a huge majority of college students working full-time while going to school, but there are also many who have graduated from their undergraduate studies within the last year that fall under the status of a "dependent" because they were still eligible to be claimed due to their student status in the 2019 fiscal year. Given all of the hard-work college students endure, plus the given circumstances and our current economic, health, and societal state,  dependents over the age of 17 should receive the full $1,200 stimulus check. 

I am asking the Senate to reconsider the exclusion of dependents over the age of 17 from the second $1,200 stimulus check and revise the bill TO SEND TAX-PAYING ADULT DEPENDENTS THE FULL $1,200 STIMULUS. 

For a Government that is looking to help stimulate the economy and aid in American prosperity by sending out a second round of stimulus checks, they are leaving out one of the most crucial and important generations of our time. 

Please sign and share this petition as quickly as you can to get this to the Senate before their final vote. They have until August 7th to vote but looks as though they're moving quicker than that. 

Refer to the Updates board for more information. I update as the Senate updates.