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Cut off trade with China until they end Rhino Horn and Elephant Ivory imports

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Global bans on international trade of ivory and rhino horn are not enough. The black market is continuing on, and winning. The consumer demand in Asian countries, China being the largest, is too strong to stop poachers from murdering these animals for their tusks and horns. If the market continues to drive poaching, both rhinos and elephants could vanish from the wild as early as 2034. While these animals have been killed for their tusks/horns for thousands of years, the elephant and rhino populations are reaching a breaking point. Poachers have begun breaking into European zoos and sanctuaries to murder and maim Rhinos, and just yesterday 1 of 25 remaining "big tusker" elephants was killed by poachers in Kenya.

We need to tell our governments that banning the trade of these products is not enough. We must send a message that we do not want to interact economically with countries that do not actively work to conserve these species. We need to get serious about this. If we stopped trade with China for even one day, imagine the message we would send.

We want our children to live in a world where elephants and rhinos still exist in the wild. We do not want to see any more articles about how elderly and beloved rhino and elephant were recently shot and poisoned and maimed.

The only way this will end is to punish the countries who do not take this issue seriously, and who continue to import these products.

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