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Change our gun laws to stop massacres and homicides

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Our leaders have said the solution to gun violence in America is to weaken restrictions on the ownership and usage of firearms. This proposition has been tested for two decades and the results show that loose restrictions are not working. We have seen an increase in mass shootings and homicides as more guns have led to more deaths. The recent massacre in Las Vegas has made it clear it is time to move in a different direction.

Laws and regulations around guns have been shown to save lives and prevent tragedy. Gun owners should be licensed and guns should be registered, just as drivers and vehicles are. Assault rifles have no place in elementary schools and concerts. We must move with urgency, to prevent the next tragedy.


Tell Congress it's Time to Change. Sign this petition to tell Members of Congress to: 

Ban assault weapons.
Ban large capacity magazines.
Create a federal law requiring the registration of all firearms.
Create a federal law requiring all gun owners hold licensing.


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