HR 2478 - Buy back RCA and CCA time

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Supporters argue the change would only be fair to existing federal government employees, who are essentially getting punished by not having time they worked count towards their retirement.

“Many federal employees begin their careers in temporary positions before transitioning to permanent status — so we need to have their backs,” Rep. Kilmer said in a press release. “This bill will ensure that all federal workers, from the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and beyond, have the opportunity to retire at the same time, regardless of how they started their careers.”

“[The bill] allows federal workers, first hired under temporary status, to receive retirement credit for the entirety of their government service,” Rep. Cole said in the same press release. “The existing policy provides no benefit to federal employees or the federal government, but the buy-back option gives workers additional credit toward retirement which is an option they currently do not have available.”