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Ban Animal Traps

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Hunting traps are devices of torture. The traps maimed and crush bones, most animals caught in it either bleed out or attempt to escape by chewing their own limb off. The problem is the traps are indiscriminate, which leads to cases of pet cats triggering the trap.

Recently a kitten was found caught in one of these inhumane traps. The poor kitten was injured so badly that he had to be euthanized. He was found underweight, and in so much pain that he unable to eat or drink water. The little kitten was stuck in the trap for days, unable to move and constantly calling for help. By the time authorities finally responded it was too late.

Sadly cases like this are far too common, as long as steel-jaw traps are legal more and more innocent animal will suffer. Even China, a country that eats about every animal has banned the use of such traps. Yet the traps are still perfectly legal in the United States.

Please sign and share, together we can end the use of these torture devices that harm hundreds of animals every year. Animals like that poor kitten who life was cut short by human cruelty.

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