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U.S. Representives: Introduce a bill to ban discrimination of pit bulls

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When I see how society has demonized pit bulls just because they are pit bulls I become so frustrated.
It is wrong and unjust to paint a picture of a certain breed of dogs as all being vicious or unpredictable. Pit bulls have been labeled "dangerous" because of the reputation forced upon them from people using them as fighting dogs. It could have been any breed, but it was Pit bulls who are tortured and forced to fight and are pawns to human greed. They are bred specifically for the purpose of fighting and have no chance for a normal life unless they are rescued. If these pit bulls do not want to fight or lose a fight they are punished by the most inhumane methods and die unimaginable deaths. They are beaten, hung, starved, electrocuted, slammed onto the ground, shot and set on fire when they are still alive and thrown away.  Have you ever seen a frightened pit bull in a ring that does not want to fight? It is pitiful how they claw at the sides of the wall trying desperately to escape the insurmountable torture they know they are about to face. Only the heartless would not shed tears after seeing that. And when they are injured they are improperly and superficially bandaged up and set in a dark place alone and in pain without any compassion.  Pit bulls that are used as bait dogs are not medically tended to at all. A bait dog is one who has his teeth taken out or a tape bound around his mouth so that the training dog could attack and kill this innocent, defenseless and terrorized pit bull without injury to the dog in training. They feel pain, they feel fear and they feel and express love. These dogs are afraid and they should be because they see more horror in their short lifetime than most humans see in theirs.

This reputation of pit bulls is sadly misplaced. It is the people who train and abuse these dogs who are completely at fault and yet ignorance and sensational reporting has led to a deception that all pit bulls have an innate desire to attack anything in its path. Pit bulls have been banned from communities and as this happens people are forced to give up their family members whom they love. These pets face death and again they are victimized by a uninformed government that is supposed to protect them. It’s time to set aside the misguided prejudice about pit bulls. Reporting only on pit bull attacks has caused society to take a defensive posture against them. How can it be that a “breed” is accused of being vicious, when the truth is that not every single pit bull has bitten or attacked or even shown aggressive tendencies? If the reputation they have received is true than why aren’t there attacks every single day. It doesn’t make sense that millions of pit bulls have been family members that enjoy playing with other dogs at a park or love to sit on the lap of those they love and snuggle with their guardian. Those of us who have never had a pit bull as a family member but only met them on the walking trails have found them to be very engaging and loveable mutts. They approach with their tails wagging so hard that their whole body shakes. It’s kind of comical. I have met up with pit bulls I didn’t know and taken their huge heads in my head and kissed their noses, only to be met with wet sweet kisses back. If this is aggression bring it on.
It is nonsense and outrageous that a whole breed of dogs would be considered as “dangerous”. I don’t think there is one dog breed where at least one member did not bite someone at some time. This is not exclusively pit bulls. It is shameful how these dogs have been targeted and how this witch-hunt has been allowed. Even our government operates on fear based and untrue information which condemns all dogs that fall under this breed. Each dog has an individual personality. It is not a collective personality. They respond independently of one another.
We ask that our Representatives learn the truth about Pit bulls. We need Representatives who will try and understand about Pit bulls. Visit a pit bull rescue. Talk to people who are well versed in the understanding of pit bulls. With this knowledge, you may save an innocent life. These dogs are thriving members of society when placed with the right person who cares. There are countless stories of pit bulls saving lives and helping people. These stories remain untold and in the shadows. If we are not helping to stop the victimizing of pit bulls, we are re-victimizing them all over again.

Ace’s law – (in honor of Ace, the pit bull in Detroit who was unjustly put down because he was a pit bull) we ask our Representatives to introduce a bill that will stop the banning or discrimination of a certain dog breed in the United States and in Europe. For a state to ban a breed is leaving countless dogs abandoned in shelters, creating overpopulation and, these dogs, once in familiar and loving homes are than euthanized because of breed specific legislation instead of anything they did wrong. It is based on discrimination. Isn’t that what America has fought against with people and now our government is encouraging discrimination out of fear. It is a shame that the guardians of these pets are left grieving and distraught because of this error in judgment. When you take away the rights of people and treat these innocent dogs as “dangerous” it produces fear and more discrimination.

Also please co-sponsor H.R.2492 : Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act of 2011.

Remember it's a dog that bites when it does bites; it's not a breed that bites.

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