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Opt Out of Junk Mail

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In a world of electronic communications and bill payment services, there is little need to go to the mailbox, save the need to purge it from junk mail so the few pieces you do want to receive don't get sent back to the sender when your mailbox becomes too full. Contacting the individual senders to instruct them to cease the mailings is tedious and time-consuming, and doesn't guarantee permanent removal from their mailing lists, nor does it prevent your name from being sold to someone else who will send out mailings to replace those you stopped. Junk mail has simply become a huge and unnecessary nuisance to many. The following issues can be resolved, or at least substantially reduced, if the U.S. Post Office provided the opportunity to opt out of receiving junk mail.

Aside from being a personal annoyance, it is also an environmental concern. By opting out of receiving junk mail, we can have a huge impact:

- More than one million trees are destroyed each year to produce junk mail. 42% of the timber harvested nationwide becomes pulpwood for paper.

- About 28 billion gallons of water are wasted to produce and recycle junk mail each year.

- The average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year. 44% goes to the landfill unopened.

- On average, we receive 16 pieces of junk mail each week compared to only 1.5 personal letters or mailings.

- 40% of the solid mass at landfills is comprised of paper and paperboard waste.

- Junk mail inks contain high concentrations of heavy metals, making the paper difficult to recycle.

- $320 million of local taxes are used to dispose of junk mail each year.

- Transporting junk mail costs $550 million per year.

- Lists of names and addresses used in bulk mailings reside in mass collection databases. Your name is typically worth 3 to 20 cents each time it is sold.

- By reducing your junk mail for even just 5 years, an individual will conserve 1.7 trees and 700 gallons of water - and you'll gain 350 hours of time to utilize for more worthwhile ventures.

- By stopping credit card offers and other junk mail, you'll help protect your identity from theft and fraud.

This petition demands that the U.S. Postal Service provide the ability to opt out of junk mailings for those that no longer wish to receive them. Let's be good stewards of the planet and manage our landfills more appropriately.

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