Attention real estate investors: cancel the registered trademark " We Buy Houses "

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You might find this hard to believe, but the phrase "We Buy Houses" is a registered trademark.  The current owner of the trademark ( X5 Ventures LLC / ) is attempting to force real estate investors into giving up their websites, social media, and marketing materials if the investor uses this term in their real estate marketing, even though their actual trademark (as it is registered) is only for specific printed marketing and educational materials.   These tactics are disrupting investor's businesses and causing great monetary loss to many small business owners.  Here is an email that they sent out and it is similar to many other emails they are sending to investors all over the country: .  You can read what they have to say about themselves at: .  If you google the phrase "we buy houses trademark" you will see all the trouble being caused. We want to have this trademark canceled altogether because the phrase "We Buy Houses" is a common term describing what real estate investors do for a living and should not be trademarked at all, let alone be used to put other investors out of business or force them to pay thousands of dollars to the trademark owner to buy a "license" to use the phrase.   You can see the trademark yourself at:   under the basic word mark search "We Buy Houses" with registration #3149336 and registration date 9/26/2006.   Join the petition and let's get this trademark canceled once and for all !