Stop Trump from drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge TODAY!

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Trump has rolled back regulations on the Endangered Species Act, and is now actively working to sell oil AND gas drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge...threatening the lives of our already dwindling populations of polar bears, caribou, wolves, whales and many many other species. These animals have well known migratory paths throughout the ANWR that will be destroyed and disrupted if drilling is allowed to occur there, not to mention how devastating the effects of drilling will be to their living environment. 

It is also a protected land of the indigenous Gwich'in tribes from the north who rely on these lands and the animals within them to live.

The government claims this is a necessary evil to assure our economy and energy resources in america,however scientists and economic advisors have released papers saying that drilling here does not offer any economic or energy assurities to our country.

The ANWR is the largest refuge of it's kind, we cannot allow it to be destroyed. Please help me fight this and protect our beautiful planet!

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