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Stop the killing of seals by fishermen


Everyday fishermen lower their nets into the water, catching every swimming creature within it's range. And everyday seals are caught in these nets, and being dragged aboard fishing vessels, where fishermen, beat and kill helpless seals, for doing nothing except getting caught and cut in these nets. The nets used, cut and slice at the seals skin as they try to wriggle away. Then they are brutally murdered. This cruelty needs to stop.

Letter to
U.S. Legislature
When fishermen set their nets, fish swim into them, seals eat fish, so seals follow the fish into the nets which then ensnare them, cutting into their flesh as they try to swim away. The nets are then raised and brought aboard the fishing vessel and brutally beaten and killed by these fishermen. For doing nothing but getting caught and cut in these nets. I propose that the U.S. raise/make fines for killing innocent seals. And stiffer penalties for the people who do kill these seals. This is something that needs to stop, or soon these seals could leave these areas entirley, and soon become endangered.

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