Stop the sale of OUR public land and Stop HR 621

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If passed, this bill will direct the Secretary of the Interior to begin disposing of 3.368 million acres of YOUR federally-owned public land and recreation grounds in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming to be sold into private hands.

Upon being sold, this land will go from being an asset of EVERY citizens of this country and into the hands of private owners who can do what they please with it.

This land is YOUR land, the American citizen, whether you hunt, fish, mountain bike, hike, camp, walk, or run this land belongs to you and by selling it off to the highest bidder we as American citizens will all be affected. 

Do not let Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT) and Rep. Rob Bishop (UT) decide for the American public that OUR land is available for sale.

Call your local Congressmen/women ( and let them know you DO NOT support this legislation regardless whether you live in a state listed or not because this is just the first step in restricting the American people's RIGHT to public land.  

Below are some examples of land that could be on the auction block if Rep. Jason Chaffetz's (UT) bill is passed. 

State: Wyoming

County: Sheridan

The Potential Land: 35,200 acres of BLM-managed land in the Powder River Basin, which is just east of the Bighorn Mountains, popular with hikers, campers, horseback riders, and hunters. 

State: Wyoming

County: Park

The Potential Land: 27,300 acres surrounding the Shoshone River, a popular fly-fishing stream in northern Wyoming. Most of the BLM-managed land in Park County is downstream of the town of Cody, which sits between the Big Horn, Owl Creek, Bridger, and Absaroka mountain ranges. Tourism is the town’s primary industry. 

State: Oregon

County: Harney

The Potential Land: 44,000 acres in a county that’s home to Steens Mountain, a 9,733-foot peak that’s popular with campers and hunters, and Malheur National Forest.

State: New Mexico

County: Catron

The Potential Land: 25,000 acres that contain “cultural resources,” meaning it’s probably home to pueblo ruins. The land is most likely a giant tract southwest of the town of Quemado, and some of the land abuts the Gila National Forest, home to the endangered Mexican gray wolf, the Gila trout, and some of the best elk hunting in the U.S. 

State: Colorado

County: Montrose

The Potential Land: 2,105 acres that is home to endangered species and “historic/cultural resources.” The surrounding area contains the Gunnison Gorge, famous for its rafting and fly-fishing trips, and Uncompahgre National Forest, which is home to elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat. 

State: Nevada

County: Elko

The Potential Land: 208,900 acres that contains endangered species, historic resources, and is home to “wetlands/floodplain.” BLM-managed land makes up a giant percentage of land in Elko County, but exactly what land is up for consideration is unclear, or what the effects might be.

State: Arizona

County: Mohave

The Potential Land: 23,525 acres with mining claims and historic resources. A comment attached to the description notes that the land is “classified as habitat for the Desert Tortoise (a sensitive species).”

Total Acres That Could Be Up For Sale, By State:

Arizona: 453,950

Colorado: 93,741

Idaho: 110,022

Montana: 94,520

Nebraska: 6,615

Nevada: 898,460

New Mexico: 813,531

Oregon: 70,308

Utah: 132,931

Wyoming: 694,200 

*Info from Ryan Krogh of Men's Journal

*Image from Steven Rinella 


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