Restaurant Revival Petition

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The Restaurant Revitalization Petition

America’s restaurants need your help! They are an integral part of our country’s economy, and an important part of every community they serve. They employ our friends and families, nourish our bodies, and dazzle our senses. Right now, they are struggling under the weight of the COVID-19 crisis, but by signing this petition you can save American jobs and businesses.

Before COVID, restaurants employed 15 million people across the country, representing 9% of America’s workforce. As each day passes and restaurants remain closed or restricted to take out, they are firing more and more people. Our restaurants are likely to lose $225 billion in the next three months alone. That means millions of people will lose their jobs, and restaurants will go out of business.

Congress and the President have already given the restaurant industry a short-term lifeline with several small business programs in the CARES Act. However, a long-term plan is needed. Diners will need the assurance that it is safe to visit restaurants from a health standpoint, but also an economic incentive to do so after having fallen into the routine of feeding themselves at home.

The Restaurant Revitalization Petition calls on Congress and the President  to temporarily restore full tax deductibility of the business meal to 100%. Doing so puts it in the same tax deduction category as other business expenses like travel and lodging, while incentivizing restaurant patronage, boosting restaurant hiring, and generating additional economic activity down the restaurant supply chain.

For more information on the plan and to read facts and figures about the restaurant industry’s role in America’s economy and communities,