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We Request a Special Election for President

This petition had 64 supporters - we should hold a special election - regardless of whether the Trump campaign was involved or not. The fact is Putin interfered in our election.

"In the committee's opening remarks, ranking Democrat Mark Warner said "Russia sought to hijack our democratic process" by employing a disinformation campaign on social media. He described it as "Russian propaganda on steroids... designed to poison the national conversation in America".
Mr. Warner said Thursday's session would examine how Russia may have used technology to spread disinformation in the US, including the possible generation of fake news for voters in key states, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.
Embarrassing "stolen information" was released through websites such as Wikileaks, Mr. Warner said, to "cause maximum damage to one candidate" - Hillary Clinton.
"They did this with an unprecedented level of sophistication," he said."

This is about another country interfering with our democratic process and that can not be tolerated.  Regardless of the new outcome, our election process should not be able to be compromised successfully.

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