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Repeal the inclusion of all reptiles listed as injurious and dangerous from the Lacey Act

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The inclusion of the Brown Tree Snake, Burmese Python, Indian Python, Yellow Anaconda, Green Anaconda, Rock Python, and Reticulated Python should be removed from The Lacey Act. There has not been any scientific proof over the last 23 years that would indicate the viability of these snakes in the wild, other than southern Florida. Hundreds, if not thousands of breeders and hobbyists are affected by this law. This law states that we are able to legally keep and breed these species, but does not allow the sale or transport across state lines. That in itself infringes on our rights to sell to consumers other than those that reside in our home state. This in effect limits the amount of income that a breeder can make, and could possibly put honest taxpaying citizens out of business. This is just another step to ban all exotic species from private ownership, and cannot be tolerated. Some species in captivity outnumber those found in the wild, and it's our responsibility to make sure they survive. More ecological damage is caused by feral cats, and horses cause more deaths and injuries than any of the snakes listed combined. Now is the time to make our voices heard. This is not a petition just for snake keepers. This could end up affecting any animal deemed non-native. From guinea pigs to leopard geckos, this affects us all. Please sign this petition and let them know we stand together.

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