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Put An End To Animal Cruelty For Cosmetics!

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I am writing to request that Congress pushes for comprehensive federal legislation preventing cosmetic companies from testing on animals and making cosmetic products tested on animals illegal. 

Have you ever realized the sacrifices made just for a pigmented lipstick and a lengthening mascara? I believe more people need to take a closer look into the companies they are paying and the consequences to innocent animals that will just continue every time you purchase a new product. Rabbits, hamsters, mice, and even sometimes dogs have harsh chemicals rubbed into their bare skin. These are just like the pets you may love and cherish right at home. Their lungs fill with poisonous fumes and lethal chemicals are poured into their eyes. Often bones are broken when they're held down struggling to survive. These animals never get a chance to be animals. The Organization For Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has experimented non-animal test methods that were successful which could spare the life of millions of animals. Thus, proving there are alternatives to animal cruelty. 

This behavior is cruel and no beauty product is worth the ugly price that is payed. Europe has already banned the sale of animal tested cosmetic products and we should have a long time ago. Federal legislation and laws are needed to protect these animals and turn companies into the right direction. Makeup lovers and animal lovers need to step in and speak up in order for there to be congressional action. I know Congress has many issues that are urgent and likely more important, but there has to be an end to this inhumane behavior. I am asking Congress to please pass laws against animal testing for cosmetics and ban these products. 


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