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Prevent the Passing of the Border Wall Funding Act!

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To you, Mr. Mike Rogers and fellow congressmen of the House of Representatives, I ask you to please do not pass the H.R. 1813 bill. Let's not separate Mexico and the United States anymore, do not divide cultures; think about it, you are separating families once you build that wall, you are diminishing work and education opportunities; not all those who cross that border come to the United States to mess around, immigrants cross the border, swim through El Rio Bravo, ride La Bestia because they are fighters, strong, hardworking, dedicated and love their families. Do you really think immigrants want to cross the border? All we want is a better future, and I think everyone deserves that. Everything they do is for their families. Sending remittances is for the benefit of our relatives, don't take that away too! I am not going to support the construction of your wall, but I do want to help my mother, I know that many others also just want to help the people we love. I will not support the construction of your wall, I do not want to pay a 2% fee, I do not want to pay for the division of countries. 
Please, do not pass this bill.

Sincerely, Andrea Escamillo.

La ley HR 1813, titulada Border Wall Funding Act of 2017 (Ley de Financiamiento de Muros Fronterizos de 2017) propuesta por el congresista republicano Mike Rogers establece que al enviar remesas o transferir dinero por cuentas bancarias que pasen del sur de la frontera, nos cobraran una "pequeña" cuota de 2%, y ese dinero ira al financiamiento del supuesto muro. ¡Debemos prevenir que esta ley pase! Firme esta petition para evitar que nosotros mismos, que estamos opuestos a la construccion del muro, ayudemos en manera involuntaria a financiar la construcción de este muro, un divisor de países

HR 1813, the Border Wall Funding Act of 2017, proposed by Republican Congressman Mike Rogers, states that when sending remittances or transferring money south of the border through bank accounts (wire transfers) we will be charged a "small" fee of 2%, And that money will go to financing the alleged border wall. We must prevent this law from passing! Sign this petition to avoid that we ourselves, who are opposed to the construction of the wall, help in an involuntary way finance the construction of this wall, .

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