Police Reform

Police Reform

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George Floyd.  Breonna Taylor.  Eric Garner.  Tamir Martin.  The list is too long to recount.  Police officers are responsible for the deaths of these people and so many more.  While a vast majority of police officers are doing their jobs well, the bad apples are ruining the bunch, and unfortunately, the police are doing a poor job policing themselves, allowing officers who don't meet community standards to continue to abuse their power.  Deaths like George Floyd's must not be allowed to continue.  If we want to avoid a never ending cycle of police violence and protests, changes must be made.

We are calling on U.S. House of Representatives to draft and pass legislation that addresses the need for:

  • Enacting citizen-police relations board
  • National body and vehicle cam laws
  • Better police training in regards to race relations, racial sensitivity
  • Pushing departments to make diversity within departments a priority
  • Raising hiring standards, including better vetting of potential officers in the areas of mental health, social media histories, organizational affiliations, etc.
  • Police department oversight linked to funding to the end that the police are monitoring their officers and their community interactions more vigilantly
  • Greater accountability for officers who have complaints made on them ensuring that they don't slip by (like Derek Chauvin did with 18  prior complaints)
  • Stripping Police Unions of their power to block police accountability (see https://www.checkthepolice.org/#project

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