Let's help these stray animals get off the streets.

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   In our community, there are far too many stray cats and dogs that deserve a better loving home than on the streets. These animals have been neglected and or forgotten by those around them. With help from our community, these animals can be given a second chance at hope.

   This problem can be resolved by having a better animal control system that works fast with animal spottings reported to them by people in the community. Then comforted by a specialist that helps animals with severe anxiety due to the possibility of abandonment. And lastly, treated with the help needed to cure them back into health and capable of loving again.

   With the help of our community and animal shelters around our area, we can make a difference. We can provide a home for these unfortunate animals needing a happy, loving, and secure home. We the community can make a difference if we all work together to resolve this problem.