In wake of COVID-19 slowdown, guarantee the American people a Universal Basic Income

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Dear members of the government,

The United States as a whole is already experiencing a serious economic slowdown because of COVID-19. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada where tourism is our livelihood. We depend on gatherings such as conventions, events, and tourist to put food on the table and fuel the economy. However, due to the interest of health, our entire city has come to a standstill, and many of us will face months of little to no work. I believe that I speak for many members of the service industry, retail workers, small businesses, and American People across the nation that we are worried. We are worried that we will still have to pay rent, loans, and other expenses—but with what? Everywhere is closed, and if we did work—we would risk COVID-19 spreading and hospitals overflowing. 

One solution to keep the American people and economy afloat, while still practicing social distancing— is to guarantee all Americans a Universal Basic Income of at least $1,000 USD every month while the virus has key industries closed. This will help keep people in there homes, buy food, and pay debt. This is your chance to be a government of the people, and not the big banks. We cannot make the same mistakes as 2008, where the government bailed out big banks and big coorporations for their mistakes with the money of the American people. Meanwhile everyday American people lost their homes, jobs, and livelihood. This does not have to happen again, the American People and small businesses deserve a bailout for a change!! Otherwise we will emerge from this, a country with more inequality and division than ever.