Impeach Kristi Noem. We're On It.

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Many of us South Dakota residents feel Kristi Noem should be removed from her position as the Governor of South Dakota, now known as the Meth state, due to incompetency and a clear lack of leadership.

Around $449,000 was spent on an anti-drug campaign with the incredibly shortsighted slogan "Meth. We're On It." Supporting this campaign is a commercial and images that state "Meth. I'm On It." These images feature everyday citizens such as young football players and an elderly man, seemingly normalizing the use of methamphetamine. If you Google "South Dakota" the first image that comes up proudly states that our state is on meth. Kristi Noem defended the campaign, stating that people are acknowledging it so it must be working. Kristi Noem thinks all publicity is good publicity.

Like many areas throughout the United States, many residents of South Dakota are addicted to drugs. Contrary to what our Governor has informed the entire nation, we are much much more than just that. Many of us have lived here our entire lives. We have families and memories here. When it snows, South Dakotans drive aimlessly to tow people out just because. We're a state filled with passionate, kind people who don't appreciate Noems actions.

I believe Kristi Noem has potentially damaged South Dakota's tourism while simultaneously wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on an insulting campaign. Among other concerns, it is troubling for many to have a Governor who believes there is no differentiating hemp from illicit drugs. A Governor who approves and defends a slogan that literally shows our state and says we're on meth.

Impeach Kristi Noem. We're On It.