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Grant California its independence


California already exerts a positive influence on the rest of the world and we could do more good as a country rather than an American state.

Beyond that, it is insulting that California, the seventh largest economy in the world, the most populous and diverse state in the country, and a place that literally feeds the Nation:

  1. is not afforded adequate representation in Washington;
  2. has not mattered in a presidential election since 1876; and,
  3. has not received its fair share of federal funding since 1987.

California pays, on average, $50 billion more in federal taxes than we receive in federal funding each year. This $50 billion are instead being spent mostly in the states of the old Confederacy while:

  1. our infrastructure here is falling apart;
  2. homelessness is a crisis we have yet to address;
  3. poverty is rising and income inequality is expanding;
  4. our people lack the health care they deserve; and,
  5. our schools lack the funding they need.

These are all problems we can solve as an independent country whose tax dollars remain in California to be invested in:

  1. rebuilding our roads, bridges, dams, and levees;
  2. programs to help the homeless get back on their feet;
  3. affordable housing for low-income families;
  4. a single-payer universal health care system; and,
  5. a tuition/fee-free college education system.

Keeping our tax dollars in California also means that we could:

  1. pay down our city, county, and state debt within three decades;
  2. put money away for a rainy day; and,
  3. phase out the current state income tax.

Supporting the right of democratic self-determination through honest referendum has historically been an approved foreign policy of the United States since the time of Woodrow Wilson. We demand that Congress adheres to their own policies here at home.

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