Give the Animals Rights!

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So many animals are being put to sleep in Kill Shelters and/or by Animal Abusers. The Abusers need stiffer punishment as what they do is not something to look over. If they kill an animal that should be the same as Murder as that is exactly what it is. So many abusers do not even get jail time. I want animals to be saved. They help with the Sick, in Wars, and they give you Love and that is something we all need. The Kill Shelters need to be illegal and more shelters need to be built for the animals to be kept in no matter how long it takes. You know the population of animals grow all the time so therefore shelters should had been built to hold them. I see so much of both of this on FB, Pinterest, (In which I post on both) and internet. It breaks my heart and I sit and cry over this subject. To watch a video is gruesome.  To read this: Gone |7-27-2018 Manhattan RIP ♥ A1044436_GORGEOUS To be destroy 7/25,or this, Was euthanized on Jul 31, 2018. These animals have feelings just like we do. 

So please join me and and sign the petition to make this happen, SAVE THE ANIMALS.