End Foster Care & Adoption Discrimination! Support the Every Child Deserves a Family Act

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The Problem

Right now, there are nearly 450,000 children in the foster care system nationwide. But despite a shortage of foster homes, our government is allowing taxpayer-funded discrimination based on the religious beliefs of foster care and adoption provider agencies. That means agencies can turn away otherwise qualified potential foster parents—particularly LGBTQ and religious minority parents—based on the agency's religious beliefs.

Where is this discrimination legal?

Ten states already have provisions that allow for such taxpayer-funded discrimination, and similar bills have been introduced in several other states. Now, the Trump administration is reportedly planning to give adoption agencies a license to discriminate nationwide. Learn more here.

The Solution

Support the Every Child Deserves a Family Act (ECDF). This bill would open up more loving homes to youth by banning discrimination against LGBTQ and religious minority parents. ECDF would also prohibit discrimination against children and would improve services to LGBTQ and religious minority youth.

Introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in the Senate and co-introduced by Congress Members John Lewis and Jenniffer González-Colón in the House, ECDF represents an opportunity to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. Add your name to support this bill today.