COVID stimulus aid for students, immigrants, and others left out!

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Are you someone who needed a $1200 stimulus check to get through this crisis but you were ineligible? Are you a working student, undocumented immigrant, or another group of people who were left out by the last stimulus bill? If comfortable, please share if you or folks close to you are experiencing this -- this is how we get our congresspeople to recognize this as a problem. Stories +experiences form:

**Please sign, and share your city and zip code!! And if you are personally impacted, please share your story as well. We will be sorting these signatures and stories by district so YOUR representatives hear from YOU. Our power comes from showing our representatives that their own constituents need this aid right now! To share your story and get involved: **

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To our Representatives and Senators,

COVID-19 Aid for All is a grassroots campaign of students, immigrants, and leaders seeking economic aid for those left out of the last coronavirus stimulus package.

Coronavirus is hurting us all, yet the stimulus package leaves dependents and those without Social Security numbers out. That means working college students who are dependents; adult dependents, elderly or disabled; undocumented immigrants; children in mixed immigration status families; and new entrants to the labor force, like returning citizens and upcoming college graduates, have been denied economic aid. The direct cash payments and unemployment assistance that others are using to survive are not accessible to us. As we enter the worst recession since the Great Depression, we have been left out in the cold!

We cannot leave out adult dependents and people without social security numbers from the stimulus bill. We advocate for coronavirus #Aid4All so we can get through this crisis together! For us, Aid for All includes proposals like the following:

-- Equal COVID relief for all: $1200 direct cash payment for all adults, regardless of tax, immigration, or disability status
-- Unemployment for vulnerable new workers: expand eligibility for unemployment insurance to new entrants to the workforce (new graduates, returning citizens)
-- COVID-19 testing and treatment for all: expand access to COVID-19 treatment, testing, and economic relief to all, including undocumented immigrants (i.e. Rep. Judy Chu and others’ Coronavirus Immigrant Families Protection Act)

We hope you, our Representatives and Senators, will recognize these gaping holes in the last stimulus package. We call on you to listen to our stories, meet with us, and ultimately, commit to prioritizing our issues in the next stimulus package so that we are fully included. Please contact us if you want to engage on how we can solve these gaps. This is a matter of public health and economic survival. We hope you will take the opportunity to listen and act for your ALL people!