Change Name of "white" House

Change Name of "white" House

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African Americans and Justice-Loving Allies

Why this petition matters

In support of our growing movements of African Americans and allies to seek justice and further expose and end oppressive racist government, military, corporate and vigilante terrorism and privilege, FONAMI* is re-launching our APPEAL TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THE “white” HOUSE!

We initially kicked-off this campaign In December 2008, after the first election of President Barack Obama. Our Appeal also sought to recognize the predominately officially-enslaved African designers, skilled craft workers and laborers, many whose unpaid labor not only built this facility, but the U.S. Capitol building as well as the capital city of the United States of America, named after the brutal enslavers George Washington, first president of the new confederation, and Christopher Columbus.

Furthermore, our Appeal sought and seeks to draw supporters to review, endorse and help broaden discussions of Reparations (as well as to seek hearings, passage and implementation of H.R. 40 (and now also S. 1083), “The Commission to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans Act”). It received thousands of signatures from a variety of groups and individuals mainly through the pages of our San Francisco Bay View Black Newspaper and online lists. We offered several options for change, including: “The People’s House, The President’s Home,” (a previous name), 1600 Pennsylvania, etc. Our hope is that this renewed Appeal and other very necessary actions will help increase the desperately-needed truth, dialogue, justice, positive action and healing for African and all people.

Gratitude for your review, consideration and support.

FONAMI (Foundations for Our New Alkebulan/Afrikan Millennium)

P.O. Box 10963 Oakland, CA 94610 

55 have signed. Let’s get to 100!