CANCEL P*RN: Child Online Protection Act

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CANCEL P*RN started off as a movement to get rid of the industry entirely. I quickly realized that an industry this size would take years to abolish. While I still am against the industry, I found out that there is a more urgent matter.

The porn industry is feeding off of children.

I've heard countless testimonies in the last 7 days. There was one thing that stuck out to me that shook me to my core. Out of every testimony I had heard, the oldest age of first exposure was 15 years old. The youngest: 6 years old. Thousands in between.

Children are being exposed to the sex industry at 6 years old.

The Child Online Protection Act was passed in 1998, meant to protect children from viewing explicit content like this. But it never went into effect.

Since then, the porn industry had blown up beyond comprehension. Without legislation. This cannot go on. An 11 year old should not be able to pick up a phone, type in 4 letters, and instantly be exposed two adults having sex. If you're not old enough to work in the sex industry, then you're not old enough to consume what comes out of it. We need your help.

Sign this petition so that we can push legislation to reevaluate this law, and protect the children of this nation!