Require Every Dead Person to be Tested for COVID-19

Require Every Dead Person to be Tested for COVID-19

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Getting the fatality rate of COVID-19 is very important. The world's most significant policies are being made based on COVID-19 data. 

As conversations about "excess mortality" move to the forefront, different strategies are being proposed for accounting for them. Some of these strategies amount to partisan exploitation. We must not let the data be poisoned by partisanship!

It is true that some people who test positive for COVID-19 at death have other, more substantial causes of death. Surely a person with no COVID-19 symptoms who dies in an automobile accident while infected was not killed by the virus. Blindly counting all who test positive as COVID-19 victims will result in some over-counting. This petition does not demand that we be so blind.

Rather, this petition seeks to prevent people who are not infected at all from being counted in the virus data. Blindly attributing all excess mortality to COVID-19 could drastically alter the mortality rate. Requiring a positive test as a precondition for being added to the death toll would greatly reduce the error in the data.

There has been concern about the limited availability of COVID-19 tests. Test capacity is still not where we'd like it to be. But we are at the point where the number of people who die per day in the United States is about 2% of the number of test results being reported per day. Testing every dead body will not require a significant percentage of available test kits, especially as the supply of kits continues to grow.

We need to get this data right so that policy-makers aren't misinformed. The stakes are extremely high. Join us and demand that every dead body be tested!