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Changing our Pet Safety Laws Across All 50 States

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There is an epidemic in this country of pet owners who are not taking proper care of their pets and not only ignoring their pets, but neglecting them, because they clearly should not own pets and currently, there is no legislation in place to protect our four-legged companions. By U.S. law, pets are seen as property, not as beings. This has to stop and we need to change that description. Pets are NOT things!! Canada just declared that animals are now considered "sentient beings" and not just property. We need to follow suit!! We need to create and enforce strong protective laws for these creatures. As of now, there is nothing in place. In cases of neglect, pet owners need to be held accountable for their poor judgments by way of fines and animal neglect charges and placement on offender lists, similar to those in place for assault offenders. The description of neglect should include starvation, deplorable living arrangements, leaving pets in hot cars or out in the elements, abandonment and abuse. This plea is directed to our individual state governors. If you don't sign the petition, then please, do your part to make your voice heard. We need to speak for those who cannot.

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