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U.S. Government Officials: Get U.S. Marine, Jon Hammar, released from a Mexican prison

Marine hero Jon Hammar came home from patrolling the war-ravaged streets of Iraq’s Fallujah only to find himself in a Mexican jail for LEGALLY carrying his great-grandfather's 60 yr-old disassembled shotgun across the border. Hammar did not have an easy re-entry to civilian life. After recurring bouts of depression, he voluntarily checked into The Pathway Home, a residential treatment center for veterans in California’s Napa Valley, in August 2011 for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. He graduated nine months later. His only wish and love was surfing, so he and a friend headed for southern Mexico to get away from it all and go surfing, but the Mexicans have charged him with a crime for carrying the glorified bb gun. His veteran Marine friend was released. Read more here:

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