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Acknowledge that the Racism of Harry Anslinger led to Cannabis Prohibition

If you've never heard of Harry Anslinger, Google the name and prepare to be disgusted.
Every year, hundreds of thousands of American lives are ripped apart, by a law that was inspired by quotes like "Marihuana makes the 'darkies' think they're just as good as a White Man" and "Marihuana makes Black Men look twice, at White Women".
Cannabis Prohibition is currently opposed by 70% of the American Public, and Medical Use is legal in 16 States and the District of Columbia, all while the Federal Government relies on studies that have been disproven many times over, to maintain a status quo, that is making Dealers and the Privatized Prison Industry rich, while destroying individual lives, families, and even entire communities, AND makes a mockery of the average American's claim to cherish and defend Liberty and Freedom.

It's time to put an end to 'Reefer Madness', once and for all.

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