Stop Trump's Administration from Reversing Elephant Trophy Ban

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On Wednesday November 15, it was announced that the Trump Administration has overturned the 2014 ban on the importation of African Elephant trophies (i.e. body parts) from Zimbabwe and Zambia. The U.S. Fisheries & Wildlife Department are now offering permits for those who would like to hunt the species. According to the Department this ban, "can provide benefits to conservation...African elephant trophy hunting...will enhance the survival of the species in the wild." The number of elephants between 2007 and 2014 dropped by 30%, making the estimated population number 350,000 in 2016. This species continues to face the dangers of poaching today. Thankfully conservation agencies such as World Wildlife Fund, Natural Habitat Adventures, and African Wildlife Foundation have worked tirelessly to ensure that they have a future. However, this ban removal can make all of that hard work go out the window. This overturn, if taken for granted, could mean the extinction of these creatures. That's why I need every individual to please ask themselves this question: Could there be a future without elephants? Please sign this petition, so that together we can ensure the survival of this animal for future generations to come.  


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