Protect and Save the Grizzly Bear

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Grizzly Bears are a subspecies of brown bears that are currently endangered in the United States. They have been over hunted for sport over the course of the past hundred years, dramatically reducing their population. In the 1800s, Grizzly Bear populations were approximately 50,000 and in the past 200 years the population has lowered to a total of 1,800 Grizzly Bears. Between 1850 and 1920 grizzly bears were eliminated from 95% of their original range, with extirpation occurring earliest on the Great Plains and later in remote mountainous areas.

Without the Grizzly Bears, the habitats and homes of all other wildlife in surrounding areas could be destined for disaster. Grizzly Bears serve as a keystone species and apex predators in their environments. Since, Grizzly Bears are at the top of the food chain, they also serve as key indicator species for their ecosystem. Without the Grizzly Bear, there will be less control on the populations of lower trophic level animals. They are responsible for limiting their prey populations as well as limiting the overgrazing of grasses and plants in the ecosystem. The Grizzly Bear is also responsible for the dispersal of seeds and nutrients for the soil, provided in the bears’ feces.

We need your help to spread the awareness for this key species in the wilderness. Humans have killed 13,804 grizzly bears in the province since the government began keeping mortality records for the species (from 1975 – 2016). Laws and regulations must be passed to help protect the Grizzly Bears. Limits on the total amount of Grizzly Bears hunted must be established and pushed by state and national officials. We need Ryan Zinke, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, and Greg Sheehan, Deputy Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to do their role in protecting the environment we live in. With the passing of regulations, Grizzly Bears will be able to return to their past numbers and flourish again in the wilderness. We must use our voices to save the Grizzly Bears from total extinction. By saving the Grizzly Bears, we are able to protect the world and environment around us.