LIFT U​.​S. Sanctions on Afghanistan - 23 MILLION Starving - 5 Million Children May PERISH!

LIFT U​.​S. Sanctions on Afghanistan - 23 MILLION Starving - 5 Million Children May PERISH!

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Started by Colin Neary

Currently 37 million Afghan people don't know where their next meal is coming from - 23 million live in FAMINE - And over 5 million CHILDREN under the age of five years old may DIE from malnutrition. Meanwhile the United States is withholding $9.5 billion of the Afghan people's money! According to a recent UN report, to feed the 23 million Afghan people in famine at 50% rations will cost $234 million per week. Where is the life-saving money going to come from? Foreign donors have mostly abandoned the Afghan people.

The U.S. government blames the Taliban, but the sanctions have destroyed the Afghan economy, and the Biden administration will NOT admit the Taliban takeover was a result of the Trump-era Doha Agreement between the U.S. and Taliban. Over half of the Afghan population is starving, millions of children may die - And a harsh winter is coming! This summer all across Afghanistan was a severe drought, no doubt caused by the man-made climate crisis, and nearly everyone's crops failed. People are lucky if they can get bread, hardly anyone is getting vitamins, and malnutrition is rampant!

Shamsa Children's Village is an orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan housing 100 children and sheltering vulnerable women, raising boys and girls in supportive homes and providing inclusive on-site education. Shamsa is a microcosm of the plight of millions of Afghan people. However the U.S. sanctions have not only made schooling unaffordable, but Shamsa Children's Village has not even to be able to provide fruit or meat for their children two days a week! Shamsa has lost most of its donors, and they face possible closure, so their future is uncertain. If they close, 100 children and dozens of vulnerable women will be on the streets, starving with the rest of the 37 million people who don't know where their next meal is coming from - Over 60% of people living in Afghanistan are experiencing famine - And 95% of the Afghan population are food insecure!

"We believe that it’s essential that we maintain our sanctions against the Taliban but at the same time find ways for legitimate humanitarian assistance to get to the Afghan people. That’s exactly what we’re doing,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo told the Senate Banking Committee. The U.S. is not only failing the Afghan people - They are serving them a death sentence - And they call the sanctions "essential"!

The $9.5 billion is not the Taliban's money - It's the Afghan PEOPLE'S money! Please call your local federal representatives and senators to demand the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Biden administration release the $9.5 million. The Afghan economy's collapse is the result of nearly two decades of the U.S. and NATO "War on Terror" - That's like saying they carry out a "war on war"! The result of U.S. occupation has been a "aid" economy supporting the Afghan state, and without foreign aid the Afghan economy has collapsed - The U.S. set them up!

The Biden administration must recognize the devastating consequences of their sanctions! Is the U.S. government's "humanitarian aid" going to provide the $250 million a month for half of Afghanistan's needs? The U.S. pats itself on the back for having committed $400 million in aid, and they just pledged $7 billion to refugees seeking asylum on U.S. soil, but what about those left behind and the millions of Afghan citizens fleeing the country in desperation?

The Afghan people have lost just about everything - Probably because they can't touch their own money. “You’ve got to unfreeze these funds so people can survive," said World Food Programme Director David Beasley, while the Afghan people are marching towards starvation. "Children are going to die. People are going to starve. Things are going to get a lot worse. I don’t know how you don’t have millions of people, and especially children, dying at the rate we are going with the lack of funding and the collapsing of the economy.”

The Biden administration's "modest proposal" is too little too late - Be on the right side of history - Sign the petition, speak out, and most importantly, if you have the money, support these starving desperate people who feel abandoned by the international community - DONATE!

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