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Petitioning Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Paul Argyropoulos

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Do Not Further Open American Markets to Criminal, Brutal Palm Oil Warlords

Orangutans, indigenous peoples, and one of the world's great ecosystems are being driven to extinction in the near future by the criminal, exceptionally brutal practices of the Indonesian palm oil industry.

Reuters, Oct. 19, 2012 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will visit Indonesia next week in what may prove a crucial open up a potentially huge market for the world's top palm oil producer.

Letter to
Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Paul Argyropoulos
Mr. Argyropoulos,

We appeal to you to exert your influence as Senior Policy Advisor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency not to allow the abomination that is the Indonesian palm oil industry sway the US EPA into further opening American markets to them. False smiles and promises of a thriving future for the Indonesian people are their cover for the heinous truth -- they are among the most vicious of greed-driven warlords on Earth today.

Excessive greenhouse gas emissions are the very least of their offenses.

These are not the unfounded rantings of radical activists. On Thursday, October 18, 2012, NBC news aired a segment on Rock Center with Brian Williams outlining the atrocities and the breaking point to which the palm oil industry has taken Indonesia's environment, wildlife, and native peoples.

NBC News Video: "At What Cost?"

The shocking, graphic brutality suffered by orangutans every day at the hands of the people with whom you want to do business could not possibly be broadcast on "family television," but you can find volumes of hard evidence on countless advocacy websites. These links provide a start.

The palm oil magnates are waging a genocidal war not only against orangutans, who they have set up as the first great ape that will become extinct in the wild directly due to the palm oil industry savagely slashing and burning through all of their habitat EVEN ILLEGALLY ON PROTECTED NATIONAL PARKLAND, they are also burning native indigenous peoples off their ancestral lands into a dispossessed refugee existence to make way for unsustainable palm oil. When it comes to orangutans, a relentless campaign of beatings, burnings, shootings, stabbings, murders of mothers to steal their babies for the illegal wildlife pet trade -- these are all in a day's work for the palm oil industry.

To add insult to injury, there is a peaceful, sustainable way to grow palm oil, but the warlords aren't interested in cooperating with a single protective regulation that isn't tied directly to pouring more money into their coffers, such as your greenhouse gas emissions cap. Many even join the group dedicated to sustainability in order to wrap themselves in the mantle of concern, then shamelessly proceed with their wanton deforestation abuses anyway.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

We urge you -- an agency founded specifically to protect the environment, and who's very own mission statement says "the United States plays a leadership role in working with other nations to protect the global environment" -- to keep in mind the crisis that has sparked global outrage before you take America down the vile, damaging path of this proposed partnership.

Thank you,

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