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Help for the Disabled : Adult Changing Tables on Major Interstates

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Adult Changing Tables are desperately needed on all major Interstates through the United States! More and more children are being born with disabilities and are unable to walk and when our children become of age (Teens to Adult), it is very difficult for parents to care for them while traveling. An incident happened to me on August 6, 2017 while traveling on I-95 from Orlando Florida to Savannah, GA. My 15 year old daughter has Cerebral Palsy and can not walk therefore, she is wheelchair bound. While traveling home my daughter soiled her diaper about an hour into our drive. This was no ordinary soil as my daughter had an accident in her diaper and needed to be changed. Not wanting to change her in the vehicle, my husband and I decided to stop at a hotel in St. Augustine, Fl to ask if we could briefly use a bed to change my daughter's soiled diaper. I even asked to use a room which some one had recently checked out of but, I was told NO by the Front Desk Clerk. I then asked if I could use a blanket or sheet to lay on the floor (bathroom or room) to change her and the answer was still NO. The clerk decided to ask the Manager but the answer was once again NO! Therefore, we decided that surely an Urgent Care facility or ER would say YES so we proceeded to the nearest "Care Spot" location. Explained our situation to the medical clerk and was told that we had to sign in to see a Doctor in order to be seen in the back. Needless to say, we were turned away once again! As I held back my tears we purchased a blanket from a nearby Walgreens and proceeded to change my daughter on the floorboard of our vehicle. This was embarrassing to my daughter who is well aware of what is going on. I said all that to say that there NEEDS to be proper facilities at all Rest Areas and Welcome Centers throughout the U.S. off of major Highways and Interstates! No mom should have to change their teenaged and/or adult child's  diaper in a car, on the filthy bathroom floor, picnic tables at rest stops, etc! This is disgusting and down right disgraceful to all people with disabilities. I need your help so that others do not have to experience what has happened to me and many many other mothers of special needs children. In some cases, the only way we can travel is by car therefore there needs to be proper facilities available. Family Restrooms are great but, whats the use if there are NO ADULT CHANGING TABLES inside!!!! Help Me Help You.  May God Bless you.  PLEASE SIGN and SHARE 

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