Call For US visa ban on Nigerian public officials for negligence on SARS Brutality.

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Dear Mr. Pompeo:

On the 14th September, 2020, the US Embassy announced an imposition of visa restrictions on select individuals for their unpatriotic actions during the Kogi and Bayelsa states' 2019 elections and, subsequently, the October 2020's Edo and Ondo states' elections. According to a statement referenced to your embassy that read; "These individuals have so far operated with impunity at the expense of the Nigerian people and have undermined democratic principles," it drives home the truth that you are concerned about the welfare of Nigerians home and, in diaspora. 

Though visa restrictions may not be foolproof, the peaceful election conducted a few days after the release of your statement asserts that your statement holds so much significance. Your statement, in conclusion, read; "this decision reflects the Department of State’s commitment to working with the Nigerian government to realize its expressed commitment to end corruption and strengthen democracy, accountability, and respect for human rights.”

It is with this belief in your commitment that we, as Nigerian youths, request that you make the blanket restriction as highlighted above on all public office holders in the country. This is due to their individual and communal engineering of police brutality on Nigerians which has led to the death of several youths including but not limited to Kolade Johnson (shot by an Inspector of the Nigerian Police Force who goes by the name Ogunyemi Olalekan), Ifeoma Abugu, and Daniel Chibuike. Also, the illegal detainment of Iloanya Chijioke by the Awkuzu command of the Anambra state chapter of SARS is also one of the many atrocities propagated by the faction of the Nigerian Police Force. 

The above incidents have birthed nationwide protests calling for total scrapping of SARS. In a country thought to practice unfettered democracy, it is one's belief that peaceful protests will be welcomed with diplomatic efforts at curtailing the cause. However, contrary is the case in Nigeria as on the 8th October, 2020, another youth was shot during the peaceful protests and many others, harassed with arms and machineries. A quick peep into the #EndSARS campaign on twitter NG will reveal further happenings and documented brutalities. 

We hereby call for the visa restrictions of all Nigerian public office holders and high ranking police officers as well as a suspension of funding by US government agencies for police reforms if these indiscriminate acts are not addressed; it is our belief that this will nudge them to take needful actions instead of their current taciturnity. Once again, we believe and trust your commitment to ensuring that the freedom of no Nigerian is trampled, either by the government or by a part of the government, and look forward to your cooperation.