Public Service Loan Forgiveness -Eligibilty

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The U.S. Department of Education has for two long limted the scope of Public Service Loan Forgiveness.  There are many indviduals, small/ large pratices and small business that strive daily to meet the need of those seeking social service in their communities. Just because an employeer is not a non-profit should not limit it's employess from being on a 10 year track to have their student loans forgiven. We are all doing the same work help those that seek help. The US Department can't keep changing the rules to avoid helping those that have dedicated their lives and education to helping others. We ask the US Department of Education to come up with a Universal form or method that includes Non profits, Small/ large pratices and small business that support those seeking youth, mental health, or social service so PSLF is within scope for all that support Public Service postions.