Shut Down Desert Aquarium

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I believe that anyone who believes in the basic rights of all living beings can all collectively agree on the fact that holding animals captive is ethically and morally wrong. Sure, there are those exceptions where the facilities are rehabilitating the animals to a healthy point where they are able to be released into wildlife again, or the instance where the animal is completely unable to live in the wild by itself. Often times, specifically with aquatic animals, they’re taking from their families and are forced to live in small bathtub like pools. They are then tortured into learning tricks for human entertainment. Captive bottlenose dolphins, which are the most popular dolphin that is often captured for human entertainment, only live to be around 5 years old. Wild bottlenose dolphins can live up to 40 years old. One of the bigger issues I have with the aquarium Odysea, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.. is the fact that it is located right in the heart of the desert. Dolphins are not meant to survive in captivity, let alone captivity in the desert. These creatures are some of the most intelligent and beautiful mammals on the planet, and everything is being striped from them. The captivity causes these animals to develop anxiety issues as well as depression. These mental issues cause them to bash their heads into the sides of the tanks, sometimes resulting in death. Join me and sign this petition to save these beautiful creatures that are being held beyond their will for human entertainment.