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STOP 'Bogus Orders of Protection' - A Constitutional Travesty

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The following letter was sent to my congressional representative. It is the beginning of a journey to use the system to effect positive change in the system. The fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures of persons or property. By so broadly issuing orders of protection where not a shred of evidence or prior conduct of the accused is available to demonstrate that the applicant is in imminent danger from another, then the ‘unreasonable’ clause in the fourth amendment must be applied. No such ‘order of protection’ may be issued.

This is what occurred to me at the behest of the New York State Family Court System. The woman (my former spouse) who filed the false police report and obtained a bogus order of protection against me, has recanted her story verbally and in writing.

This perversion of the law affects much more than the innocent male these bogus order of protection are aimed at; they hurt the children of an innocent father, a son, a relative or a friend. Though completely vindicated by the very person who tormented me with this cruel weapon, the humiliation, emasculation and trauma has lived on within me for the past three years. Rather than stigmatize myself by telling others I have been quiet…until now. I simply cannot live with the silence. I have not been able to move on in life. The ‘bell that was rung’ on that horrible day cannot be un-rung, but by telling my story, I may be able to stop this from happening to thousands of others and by so doing, help myself.

Please help me move forward with the process that will lead to a ‘Bill’s Law’, so to speak. Perhaps others may be spared from having their lives destroyed, as was mine. I will swear under oath and under penalty of perjury in any court or legislature in the land that all I report on this matter is true and did occur as I claim.

William Birdsall

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