Support the Ocean Climate Action Plan

Support the Ocean Climate Action Plan

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Why this petition matters

Started by Blue Frontier

Healthy and resilient oceans and coastal communities are critical for a thriving blue economy that creates jobs and safeguards our nation from the impacts of climate change.

The Ocean Climate Action Plan (OCAP)  was developed by Blue Frontier and the Center for the Blue Economy,  in conjunction with our Youth Advisory Council and dozens of partners across the nation.  

OCAP will help the United States rebuild better and smarter. 

OCAP is a nonpartisan, broad-reaching policy framework that will:

  • Create sustainable jobs
  • Invest in living shorelines, federal flood insurance reform, offshore clean energy, green ports & shipping, sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, and marine biodiversity. 

Actions we take must be just and equitable, and focus on innovation that will propel the U.S. economy forward in a sustainable and prosperous direction.

Sign the petition and support the Ocean Climate Action Plan TODAY!

When you add your voice to this OCAP petition today, you will be: 

  • Sending a clear message that our coasts and ocean can no longer take a backseat in US climate policy; and you will be in good company, joining John Kerry, Robert Bullard, Jane Fonda, Sylvia Earle, Bill McKibben and other leaders and supporters of the Ocean Climate Action Plan. 
  • Added to a nationwide list of supporters that we will share with Members of Congress during our April 2021 virtual hill visits. 

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We will need you to call your elected representatives in early 2021 to urge them to vote for OCAP’s priorities when critical ocean and climate  legislation is debated in Congress.

1,995 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!