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Shut Down Guantanamo Bay Prison Once And For All

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For going on eleven years, Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba has been the sight of countless human rights violations.

The prisoners, who have included an 89-year old Afghan with senile dementia and a 15-year old Canadian, have been subjected to psychological and physical torture, and have had no access to family or lawyers, no formal charges brought up against them, and no hope for fair trials held in U.S. courts

Most of these men have spent over a decade in legal limbo, not knowing the state of their case, why they were imprisoned, or how long it would take for them to be given a fair trial. The effects of their hopeless situation pushed thirty-two to attempt suicide and many more to go on hunger strikes in order to be heard. 

Despite Guantanamo's notorious reputation that negatively affects how other countries around the world view the U.S., the U.S. Congress have continually thwarted efforts to close down the prison: they recently signed a bill that would keep the Guantanamo detainees from being transferred to U.S. prisons for another year.

Tell Congress it's time for Guantanamo and the immorality it stands for to end--sign the petition so the voices of the 166 prisoners remaining indefinitely at Guantanamo will finally be heard.

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