Help Save Wolves

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Wolves are one of North America’s most beautiful native animal. Due to human ignorance and cruelty, for decades these animals have been persecuted and massacred, close to the point of extinction. Wolves are very important to the environment and, if they became extinct, there will be a dramatic change in the ecosystem. Many people have a bad perception on wolves, seeing them as just wild animals, but fail to comprehend what these animals truly are.  Wolves are very intelligent and social creatures, very territorial, they are also very loyal, protective and loving towards their pack. Before wolves become extinct we should give them the respect and protection that they deserve.

Brutally persecuting and killing wolves should be labeled as what it is, which is animal abuse and criminal slaughtering. In modern times we have done multiple studies on how vital wolves are to our ecological circle of life but continue to massacre wolves without any remorse. Such brutal and unjustified killing of wolves is unethical. For example farmers killing wolves on their property, having hunting seasons where wolves are tracked down, have traps placed for them in the forests ready to kill them. The horrid killing has been in huge contradiction but many people are starting to support and become a major issue to wildlife. This is just another step to do that.

Many states such as Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Alaska who are “anti-wolf.” An example of the injustice wolves are under is “backward Idaho state officials have allowed a wolf killing contest there and have also hired a wildlife killer to slaughter two wolf families living deep in the vast Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.”

Ranchers are also a huge part of the killing of wolves. This is where there is a debate on killing wolves due to the fact that they claim wolves are killing their cattle and ruining production. As stated before, wolves are territorial and with human agriculture and industrialization, wolves are being removed from their natural habits and forced to co-exist with humans. In 2011, the US Fish & Wildlife Service confirmed “only 74 cattle taken by wolves in the entire state. 74 out of 2,500,000... that is statistically nearly zero!” Farmers also live in past traditions where they want to hunt these wolves thinking its the only way to protect their cattle. Failing to compromise with the people trying to protect these beautiful animals.. With the technology available there is another alternative to protect their cattle without bloodshed of a wolf. For example alarms, bright lighting, more human presence around the ranch, fencing and even guard dogs. Guard dogs presence alone can get rid of wolves because they can sense the dogs presence at the farm.

When wolves were moved out of Yellowstone National Park there was a ecological change. Such as increase in coyotes, elk, loss of vegetation and most interesting change in the yellowstone river because the absence of wolves. When the wolves returned after seventy-years it did not take long to see a positive change. Vegetation started to grow again, trees rose up,birds returned, the river stream was no longer dry, fished returned, elk and coyote populations were controlled allowing smaller animals to survive. All depended on the presence of wolves.

People are still ignorant on just how important wolves are to the ecological circle. These beautiful, loving animals are being killed off and if nothing is done they will become extinct. Humans have gone far as to hunt and abuse these animals, when all they have been trying to do is survive yet we keep making that harder on them.  As much as we need wolves they need us to protect them from extinction. Congress has the power to protect these animals, for example placing laws to not hunt, farmers to accept non-lethal alternative methods of getting rid of wolves and many more options that the people in Congress can come up with. But matter of the fact is that something has to be done and these people in office are a step to the protection of wolves.