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End the time changes!! Keep Daylight Savings Time year round

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Daylight Savings Time (DST) was started during World War I as a way to conserve energy. However, the practice of setting our clocks back every fall has now become outdated and unnecessary in our modern world. In fact, not only is the practice of DST unnecssecary, but it actually has a negative effect on the health and economy of our nation. 

The US Department of energy issued a report in 2008 showing that changing in and out of DST actually uses more energy than just remaining "an hour ahead". Peer reviewed studies have also shown that DST contributes to higher rates of heart attacks, and car accidents directly following the time change each spring. Long term effects can also be detrimental, leading to a disruption in the quality of sleep and biological rhythms. These effects can lead to lower productivity, memory loss and confusion, costing our economy millions, if not billions of dollars each year. This disruption also affects children and their caretakers in a negative way.

Daylight Savings Time is unnecessary, and has now been shown to negatively impact our daily lives and the economy. These negative impacts now clearly outweigh any positive outcomes that this time change may have once produced, and therefore should be put to an end for the health and safety of all those affected.

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