Overhaul Outdated Policies to Allow Napping in the Workplace

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Overhaul Outdated Policies to Allow Napping in the Workplace

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The benefits of napping in the workplace are scientifically proven, and include increased alertness, job performance, memory function and creativity. Despite these benefits, many U.S. businesses continue to maintain outdated policies that discourage employee naps during break periods.

Many U.S. companies have employee codes of conduct that include specific clauses prohibiting sleeping on the job. Historically these are implemented as blanket bans against any sleeping in the workplace, with severe consequences for employee violations. Such bans are heavy-handed. They fail to consider the mounting evidence that links naps with improved mental function and employee well-being.

This petition encourages U.S. companies to change the culture around workplace napping, with the potential upside of boosting productivity and supporting employee health. Many leading companies already support napping and rest in the workplace, including Google, Nike and the Huffington Post--we want to broaden support and continue the conversation between employees and companies across the country.

Specifically, we will petition the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to issue a public statement of support for smarter policies around workplace napping, and communicate the following points to its member companies as practices to implement in support of employee health and well-being:

1. Allow employees to nap or quietly rest at work during breaks. Clearly define this endorsement in the company's employee handbook / workplace code of conduct.

2. Train HR representatives and Supervisors to support the company's stance on napping. Including assurances that resting or "power napping" during breaks is allowed and will not incur repercussions.

3. Investigate the feasibility of napping/rest rooms or resources with which employees can nap or rest quietly without impacting their job function or the professional appearance of the work place.

4. Encourage and promote the benefits of getting enough sleep outside of work and its link to productivity, health and well-being.

To further assist, we will facilitate roundtable discussions between leading nap experts and the company HR teams to expand this conversation and ensure new policies are grounded in latest research.

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