Remove Snake River Dams & Save Salmon from Extinction

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Dams impact salmon and steelhead in a number of ways, from inundating spawning areas to changing historic river flow patterns and raising water temperatures. Ninety-nine percent of the Snake River sockeye counted at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River near Portland in 2015 died before reaching Idaho’s Sawtooth Valley.

Unprecedented and lethally high temperatures in the Columbia, Snake and even Salmon rivers killed all but a few dozen of Idaho’s 4,000 adult endangered sockeye that had returned to the Columbia last June and July. Of the more than 500,000 that passed Bonneville Dam on the Lower Columbia River, most are struggling as they try to make their way past a network of dams that create slack pools with large volumes of water exposed to the sun.

Under direction of Federal District Court Judge Michael Simon, dam operators (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Northwestern Division, Bureau of Reclamation - Pacific Northwest Region and Bonneville Power Administration) are currently under orders to look at all options to address this epidemic in a prepared environmental impact statement (EIS).

Removal of these dams is our only chance to saving salmon. We are out of time. We must act now. Please sign this petition if you are in favor of saving salmon.