clear cautions from enhanced CRB checks after two years.

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clear cautions from enhanced CRB checks after two years.

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kirsty sv started this petition to U.K government

Cautions are blighting people's job prospects and ruining lives.

Earning potential has plumetted and the ability to forge a career is pretty much ruined.

I am constantly amazed at the number of people coming out of the woodwork with cautions, effectively ending their careers. There are legislation acts for equality and diversity but this does nothing, employers do discriminate against an application with an offence on. If they didn't why are so many of us finding it hard to be employed??

Cautions were supposed to be a 'telling off', not a black mark that sticks for life.

All this does is it criminalises potential innocent people that made a mistake in life. If it’s just a matter of 1 slap/kick it should not remain on your CRB records for life! There’s a difference between a slap and a stab.

Safeguarding children is incredibly important to me and anyone else – sex offenders etc shouldn't just be cautioned in the first place! Many good, decent people end up with 'records', they should not be barred from working with children or forced to 'confess' to embarrasing past mistakes.

People think about their caution every day and the injustice of the CRB system and you are not alone. CRB has made RoA a joke and is causing depression and untold economic hardship to many decent people. Keep CRB for real offenders, not people who have had difficult circumstances/very minor/one-off offenders.

The fact is the police will use a caution to lighten their load and ensure an admission of guilt, but the after effects of a caution are every bit as damaging as a criminal record. you might aswell have a conviction the stigma a caution carries.

CRB is just causing problems for people, it is good when its for Murder, Rape, etc strong Cases not Shoplifting or petty fights or being drunk trying to cope with behreavment. its Bad half of the people on benefits are not working due to CRB lssues. If these ‘offences’ are so terrible why aren’t they tried in a court of law? If they are minor then why can they be used to ruin people’s lives? The CRB was set up to protect children from paedophiles, not people who have made one-off minor mistakes.

There has to be more common sense deployed here. Of course the vulnerable in our society must always be protected but an isolated, petty, incident carried out must not be allowed to haunt the adult person to their grave in a civilized society. The consequences of disclosing this incident to universities and prospective employers in the future are out of all proportion to the original offence.

what is to be made of the police advising people to take cautions etc with the assurance that it will stay on record for only a few years? The amount of cases were people have been advised of this and the truth is it is there forever!People made decisions about their future, in good faith, based on this information. They have been deceived by the police. Individuals who were cautioned by the police are left with a long life sentence without employment prospects when many of these individuals do not deserve such harsh sentences for a very minute mistake which some of this mistakes were probably made by politicians at one point in their lives. The difference is they have never got caught. and that goes with everyone else without a caution, the majority have been in a scuffle, been drunk coping with bad news, stole a penny sweet when you was ten years old! the difference is the police don't know about it.

If someone has a caution and doesn't re offend after two years it should be spent, and removed from the crb. I do agree however if you re offend then it should be brought up in court. but then it gives people who don't re offend a chance to make something of themselves without being stigmatised.

the case stories of people and why they got cautions are so minor and silly, but the way it is worded on paper makes it sound terrible. an example, a female was given a caution after her sisters exboyfriend pressed charges for her slapping him across the cheek, leaving a red mark. Now on paper this lady is cautioned for grevious bodily harm, for a slap. her career is ruined from the stigma attached to the name.

People are wanting to carry on with studies in phd and masters, but what is the point in contributing to society and making a career of yourself when there is no job prospect?

you wonder why there is little faith in the justice system!

If the person is that much of a threat to work with children and young adults then they should be given more than a caution!!

Remove cautions fom CRB checks, let them be spent after two years, and allow people such as myself to have the career opportunities that we deserve.


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